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I just wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been working with Bradley.  Also, thanks for providing a product that works at a price point that makes sense.  We believe in the importance of providing free and easy access to information for our residents and your solution gets us there.

I'll always complain about bad tech support, so it's only fair to shout out that @InspireWiFi 's tech support was fantastic and helpful!

Inspire WiFi has given our property the opportunity to market in a completely different way! The benefit of having free community WiFi has been positive not only for the property but also for all of our residents! We could not be happier with the speed and accuracy that is always given to the office staff and residents by Inspire's 24/7 tech support. We will definitely be using their services on all of our new properties!

I wanted to say thank you for the work you did for us this morning, I could not ask for better customer service than what you have provided in the past 24 hours. You are a true professional.  I look forward to working for with you in the future. Inspire provides a great service and it’s because of people like you that the service is so good.

You and your company are great.  Thanks for such unbelievable service.

Our patients and guests have been asking for WiFi so we were pleased when Inspire WiFi was able to provide us a carefree hospital-wide solution without any capital expenditure. We are always looking for ways to set ourselves apart and increase patient satisfaction. Inspire WiFi provided us with a great tool to accomplish those goals.

Thank you very much!  You guys are fantastic.  I lost it with Comcast today trying to fight a cable issue with them.  It truly is maddening.  Having support from a company like yours is night and day in every manor speaking.  Thanks – it is greatly appreciated.